3 Reasons Why You May Not Want to use Credit Repair Companies

3 Reasons Why I Say You Probably Don’t Want to use Credit Repair Companies


The reason you are likely having troubles may be inaccurate or obsolete information, not just negative credit. Many credit repair clinics try to abuse the system and get accurate information removed by a procedural ploy of disputing the account and hoping that the creditor fails to respond. We, on the other hand, go after the items that are hurting you that are inaccurate. The mortgage business is very credit score driven; often a good loan can be achieved by only correcting the incorrect credit information. If you contest accurate information, you will not look as honest to a jury when we sue the violators over refusing to correct the inaccurate information.


There is a more important reason that we recommend against credit repair.

The credit industry’s methods of investigating your disputes essentially consists of asking the company they like to call “your creditor “whether or not the information is accurate. They ordinarily believe whatever “your creditor” tells them. Often a valid dispute gets no result other than “re-verified as accurate”. If a credit repair company handles your dispute the law actually states that the bureau need not do any investigation.


They can’t do anything in court for you. If they don’t get you complete and absolute satisfaction, you’ll have to get an attorney anyway. They can’t sue or represent you in court. So they are of no use to you if you need to take things further in the legal system.

***Thanks to Blair Drazic attorney at Law for contributing to this faq.

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